Aug 17, 2012 · 0 minutes

In a more serious moment at tonight’s PandoMonthly New York, Ben Lerer talks about getting out from under the shadow of his successful father, also his partner at New York-based venture firm Lerer Ventures.

“The reason I think I’ve been successful has actually been...through insecurity," says Lerer. "I don’t want to be some guy that people look at and say ‘eh, he works with his dad.'"

Lerer acknowledges the inherent nepotism and says it's a driving force behind making Thrillist a successful company independent of Lerer Ventures.

“To be perfectly honest, I didn’t fully deserve to be his business partner. And that’s why I’ve stayed with Thrillist. Nobody gave me this. I built this from scratch," says Lerer.

Earlier in the conversation, Lerer joked about growing up "a spoiled kid in New York," adding he never felt good about taking anything from his dad that he hadn't earned.


[Lerer Ventures is an investor in PandoDaily.]