Sep 5, 2012 · 1 minute

If fashion sense is a big election issue for you, you better check out Party Chic, a new photo blog started for the express purpose of capturing the competing street styles of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Paige Hogan and Jeff Wilber have been on the streets of both Tampa and Charlotte these last two weeks to shed light on the most important questions of this election cycle: Who has the best shoes? Which party has the most neatly tailored suits? And what's the sexiest way to wear a campaign pin? (Answers: Me; the Dems; through one's nipple.)

So far, Party Chic has earned 2,000 followers on Tumblr, a number that was greatly increased at the end of last week, when Tumblr spotlighted the blog. The duo, who met as students at Western Carolina University, don't bother pushing their content to Facebook because they think people would be too bothered by the constant updates. Instead, they focus their efforts on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

So which convention has the most interesting fashion? Well, that seems to be a landslide for the Obamaites. The Republicans had more of a traditional, conservative look, says Wilber. “When you think of politicians, like blazers and khakis, it was very much that." But in Charlotte, the hipsters are out in force. “There are a lot of younger people here, so you see a lot of younger styles going on," says Hogan.

You can judge for yourself with the selection of shots below.