Sep 5, 2012 · 1 minute
  1. Michelle Obama should probably run for president.
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:49:46
  2. markos
    Favorite tweet tonight: RT @GlennThrush: Something that I didn't see in Tampa -- wait staff cheering for convention speaker... Michelle
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:56:39
  3. AlexJamesFitz
    This is a very subtle, very beautifully delivered all-out assault on @MittRomney. #dnc2012
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:56:09
  4. samfbiddle
    you can boil this speech down to "just be a decent fucking person, come on"
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:54:57
  5. jodikantor
    2nd best line of speech: “We were so young, so in love, and so in debt.”
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:53:18
  6. secupp
    Michelle delivers "you didn't build that" message much more effectively than not actually saying "you didn't build that."
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:50:41
  7. fmanjoo
    This is a really deeply anti-Romney speech without mentioning Romney once. It's brilliant.
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:48:14
  8. davepell
    I like to think that Michelle Obama is the type of wife who would say: "Dude, the dog is riding inside the car."