Sep 13, 2012 · 1 minute

According to an online Presidential quiz, the people of Reddit lean left, while Facebook occupies the center, and AOLers love the shit out of Mitt Romney.

Now closing on 3 million users, iSideWith asks you a series of questions on contentious election topics – "What is your stance on abortion?", "Do you support Obamacare?", "Should children of illegal immigrants be granted citizenship?" – and then assesses who would be the candidate best suited to your values. More than just a "yes" or "no" survey, however, iSideWith also asks you to stipulate the importance of each issue and allows for nuanced "Yes, but..." responses.

Los Angeles-based founders Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier started the self-funded site to address voter apathy. They believe that people who are reminded which political issues are important to them are more likely to vote and influence their friends and family to do the same.

So how should the Internet vote in the upcoming election? Well, going by iSideWith's results from Reddit, Facebook, and AOL's respective communities, this is how it shakes out.


  • 59 percent side with Jill Stein, Green Party
  • 85 percent support gay marriage
  • 68 percent oppose the Patriot Act
  • 53 percent support the death penalty
  • 73 percent believe the US should increase our space exploration efforts and budget
  • 53 percent side with President Obama, Democratic Party
  • 67 percent support gay marriage
  • 58 percent support the Patriot Act
  • 65 percent support the death penalty
  • 73 percent believe marijuana should be legalized
  • 56 percent side with Mitt Romney, Republican Party
  • 54 percent do not support gay marriage
  • 70 percent support the Patriot Act
  • 76 percent support the death penalty
  • 58 percent oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants