Sep 27, 2012 · 1 minute

One of these two customer service reps probably thinks I'm awesome

Apple gets a lot of things right, from devices to software to its retail experience. You can now add to that list "excellent customer service through online chat". (But then, why are you even keeping a list, weirdo?) Through a combination of laziness and not wanting to part with the native Google Maps app, I've been holding off from upgrading to the iPhone 5. But tonight, I decided I shall take action. I went to the Apple website to order the phone, but before I did I had some questions to ask about the data contracts. So I turned to the chat support, and up popped a picture of these two wholesome helpers.

My conversation with the customer service agent started with an assault of exclamation marks and good cheer.

After dealing with my initial questions – yes, I can switch from AT&T to Sprint or Verizon without having to go to a physical store – the agent returned my banter, while still being useful.

After pushing me to make the purchase now, lest Nokia or Samsung suddenly announce a better device, the agent then even returned my off-topic questions about where s/he was without getting pissy about it.

We then engaged in some pop-culture japery.

Then, very cleverly, just as I was trying to escalate the tomfoolery, the wise, witty, and probably totally hipster customer service agent gently guided me to the door. 

Charmed, I left the conversation feeling grateful towards the kind people of Apple, and eager to nuzzle up to the warmth of an iPhone 5. So enthused was I that I even managed to spell "Laters" wrong.