Sep 28, 2012 · 3 minutes

Welcome to the Friday Fifteen: 15 GIFs, images, videos, and links that tell the story of the week that was. This week's biggest news involved self-driving cars, an apology from Apple, and a Blackberry promo video too bad for words...

1. Self-driving cars


Big news for Google this week: Its self-driving cars are now street-legal in California. You can read some of the best reporting and analysis on the driverless vehicles here, here, here, and here.

2. Quote of the week

(original image via the Valery Marchive on Wikimedia Commons)

Hamish McKenzie has more on what Tim Cook's apology means for Apple.

3. Blackberry Jamz

Research in Motion, the perpetual also-ran in the war for mobile dominance, had a mixed week. On one hand, the Blackberry developer posted a slight gain in revenue over last quarter. On the other hand, its executives starred in an REO Speedwagon-inspired music video that PC Magazine said might be "the worst corporate music video ever" (in other words, the worst music video ever).

4. Wax Fruit

(Image via YouTube screenshot)

This week, Steve Jobs joined the likes of James Dean and Alfred Hitchcock, debuting in one of Madame Tussaud's wax attractions.

5. Google Maps goes under the sea

Google has partnered with The Catlin Seaward Survey to take its maps underwater. Now users can use the "Street View" option to check out turtles, coral reefs, and other aquatic life.

6. Life on Mars?

Not quite. But the Mars Curiosity rover did find more evidence that water most likely flowed fast and perhaps hip-deep billions of years ago on Mars.

7. Quartz Now in Session

This week, we saw the long-awaited launch of Atlantic Media's new business site, Quartz, and there was plenty to discuss: No beats! No comments! Native to mobile! Hamish McKenzie lists five observations about the new site everyone's talking about.

8. Newspaper (and Radio and TV) Death Watch

A new Pew study shows TV, radio, and newspaper consumption are all down over the past two years. Unsurprisingly, digital news consumption is on the upswing.

9. People Acting Irrationally to the iPhone 5

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

(via the Awl)

10. Bibi E. Coyote

(Images via Twitter / Tumblr)

Few people ignited more discussion on social networks this week than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who decided the best way to demonstrate the dangers of a nuclear Iran to the United Nations General Assembly was with a diagram of a Looney Tunes-style bomb.

Which brings us to...

11. Tweet of the week

12. The Funding GIF

13. Story of the week

It's an epic post, but definitely one worth reading straight-through: Diego Doval breaks down the six biggest problems with the New York Times' article on the inefficient use of power at data centers. One of many money-quotes:

"If the article was talking about the human immune system, it would have said something like 'look at all of those white cells in the body, doing nothing most of the time, what a waste.' But they’re there for a reason."

14. Comment of the week

In response to Facebook's fake privacy scandal, where users thought their private messages (which were really just old wall posts) had suddenly gone public, Kevin Marks wrote:

"When 'behaves as designed' is indistinguishable from 'omg security breach!!!' for a large number of users, you really have a problem."

15. By the numbers

Match the phrases to their corresponding numbers (click on the links for answers):

1. The amount of money in dollars it costs Apple to make an iPhone 5

2. The percentage of the public that regularly get news from social networking sites.

3. The amount of money (in millions) that Sony just invested to save struggling camera company Olympus.

4. The NFL's disapproval percentage in the hours following the "Goldengate" replacement ref controversy.

5. The number of downloads (in billions) that Google Play just hit this week.

a. 20

b. 76

c. 230

d. 25

e. 644