Oct 1, 2012 · 1 minute

In a major step in the Internet's inexorable march toward "peak GIF," Tumblr and the Guardian have teamed up some of the Web's most prolific GIF artists to "live-GIF" the presidential debates. That got us thinking: what would some of the most memorable moments in debate history look like when GIF-ified?

1988: VP candidate Dan Quayle says he has as much experience in Congress as Jack Kennedy. Senator Lloyd Bentsen, who knew Jack Kennedy personally, quickly disabused Quayle of that notion:

1992: George H.W. Bush impatiently checks his watch as a young voter asks how the national debt impacts the lives of the ultra-wealthy.

1984: When asked if old age had affected his capacity to lead the country, Ronald Reagan (the oldest president in history) responded with a classic jab at his younger opponent, Walter Mondale:

2000: Al Gore steps up to George W. Bush, but Bush will not be intimidated.

1960: In the first-ever televised debate, Richard Nixon famously refused to wear makeup, and as a result, he looked sweaty and translucent next to the radiant John F. Kennedy. It's said that radio-listeners thought Nixon won the debates, but television-watchers had no doubt that the more handsome Kennedy was the victor.

1993: While not an official debate, this tete-a-tete between Ross Perot and Al Gore on NAFTA made for some classic Saturday Night Live fodder

BONUS 1858: Abraham Lincoln schools Stephen Douglas in one of the most legendary debates in history.