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Just because it's Thanksgiving that doesn't mean your life slows down. In addition to keeping up professional obligations, there's the cooking, the shopping, and the daunting task of explaining to your aunts and uncles (who learned everything they know about technology from watching "The Big Bang Theory") exactly what you do for a living. After five minutes trying to explain "enterprise software" to your extended family, you'll be begging for a board meeting. Amid all that, Thanksgiving can feel less like a holiday and more like, well, any other day of your busy life, only maybe even busier.

That's why we want to hear from you. Below, you'll find a few questions about how you balance your personal and professional lives on holidays, and what you're most thankful for. To get in touch, you can use the Google form below, the comments section, or just Tweet at us using the hashtag #PandoPolls.

Oh and here's the best part. We're collecting the best answers into a special Thanksgiving post and, If we feature your answer, you'll receive a free ticket to one of our three PandoMonthly events in January. We're thrilled to host Airbnb's Brian Chesky in San Francisco, Etsy's Chad Dickerson in New York, and NastyGal's Sophia Amoruso in Los Angeles. So don't be shy!

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And in case you're unfamiliar with fried turkey fire videos, here you go. You're welcome.


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[Illustration by Hallie Bateman]