Nov 22, 2012 · 2 minutes

On Monday, we posted out a survey asking our readers all kinds of Thanksgiving-themed questions (with, naturally, an entrepreneurial twist). We wanted to know how entrepreneurs, developers, or any other workers for whom a seventy-hour week is business-as-usual, plan to spend Thanksgiving. Will you unplug? Will you be checking email underneath the table throughout dinner? We also asked about your Thanksgiving work habits, if you were more thankful for family or your investors this year, and what pieces of technology you were most thankful for this year.

Well the results are in, and it turns out most of our respondents will be working at least one hour on Thanksgiving, most of you are thankful for family and friends above all, and there were nearly as many different answers to the technology question as there were respondents.

To help make sense of the data, we made some nifty visualizations for you:

We also asked what pieces of technology you were most thankful for. Here's what you chose (the bigger the icon/logo, the more people voted for it):

What about your shopping habits? Most of the survey recipients do not plan to shop on one of the branded days where supposed deals fall from the sky. Not surprisingly, Black Friday, the least digital of the bunch, came in last place.

Finally, we asked some open-ended questions - What are you most thankful for? And does mobile bring you closer to your family over the holidays or does it provide a means for escaping them? Here were some of our favorite responses:

One reader was thankful because: "For the next 5 days I am almost positive I won't eat ramen."

Christine is thankful for: "A boss that puts up with my questions at 11:30 pm" and "Shoutouts on Follow Friday; they're so small but they cheer me up in the morning!"

Carla says Thanksgiving is all about "Family, friends, and health. Also, turkey chasing videos."

Jon says mobile devices bring family closer together through games, writing: "Slightly closer, especially Words with Friends and DrawSomething."

Tom Limongello agrees that it brings his family closer together, albeit in a hilariously twisted way: "Closer, we send emoji and pics of wolves to each other (Last year we all watched Frozen, which is a movie about being eaten by wolves while skiing)"

Lastly, one reader sums up his Thanksgiving dinner thusly: "I will be checking emails between meals, trying to gchat, and tweeting food porn to fuel my Klout points and inflating social ego."

Happy Thanksgiving, PandoDaily readers, whether you spend the holiday glued to your iPhone or unplugged from technology all weekend. Whatever you do, just watch out for wolves.

[Top Image Source: Mike Licht]