Dec 3, 2012 ยท 0 minutes

NOTE: Nominations for our Readers Poll are now closed. Please vote on the final winners here.

Journalists love lists all year long, but man do they go nuts for them at the end of the year. Every December, audiences brace themselves for the onslaught of listicles, like they would for a giant reptile that eats up bandwidth, TV time, and newspaper columns.

But like Christmas music, spiked egg nog, and other December treats that give us headaches, we continue to welcome lists every year. Why? Because it's fun (and sometimes even instructive) to look back on the past year, and even more fun to argue about it. So with that in mind, we're asking you, our intelligent and opinionated readers, to nominate who you think deserves year-end recognition. We'll take those nominations and compile them into another poll later this month for you all to vote on.

As anyone who reads through our comment sections knows, we have some of the smartest readers around. So please help us make this the best-informed reader's polls on the Web!