Dec 10, 2012 · 0 minutes


From anti-virus pioneer to fugitive blogger, the story of John McAfee has transfixed the tech world over the past few weeks. Today, Impact Future Media announced it has secured the movie rights for McAfee's wild story, and we've asked for our readers' thoughts on who should play the embattled entrepreneur.

But whatever comes out of Hollywood, we strongly doubt it will be a musical. For that, look no further than our latest PandoHouse Rock video, "The Ballad of John McAfee."

Despite all the coverage, we're still left with more questions than answers. Did McAfee kill his neighbor? Did he manufacture and partake in bath salts? Or was that just one of the many pranks he's famous for? Until more facts are revealed, here's McAfee's story as told, er sung, by the McAfee character himself, based on his blog posts and the few concrete details we have surrounding Gregory Faull's murder.

[Music by Andrew Bean and David Holmes, Lyrics by David Holmes, Video by Craig Newton]