Dec 20, 2012 · 1 minute

As the year draws to a close and we find ourselves looking back, it's hard to make sense of the IPOs, the funding rounds, the acquisitions, the shakeouts, and what any of it means in a larger sense. And while it's fun and sometimes even instructive to boil a year down into top ten lists and other reductions, that approach misses the more nuanced lessons buried within these past twelve months.

So in addition to our Readers Poll (which you can still vote on for the next couple days here) we want to ask you some more open-ended questions: What did you learn about technology, business, or startups in 2012? It could be something you learned from firsthand experience or a larger trend you've observed. What do you expect from 2013? In other words, what technologies or business trends do you see emerging in the coming 12 months? And finally, it wouldn't be a year-end poll unless we asked, What's your News Year's Resolution? It could be tech-/startup-related. Or not.

Lucky for us, our readers are some of the smartest around, so we expect nothing short of brilliance from you (no pressure). And because we know you're all busy, we're incentivizing your participation by offering prizes to the best entries. If we feature your response, you'll receive your choice of either a PandoDaily T-shirt or a ticket to one of our January PandoMonthly events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York (we already have some killer guests lined up).

Happy polling:

[Image via Naveg on Flickr]