Jan 15, 2013 · 0 minutes

Today at its super-secret mysterious mystery event, Facebook announced "Graph Search," a new way to search photos, posts, people, and interests on Facebook. Graph Search results will prioritize content from the people you interact with most, while queries that don't lend themselves so easily to social discovery like, say, what's the atomic weight of Beryllium, will be populated by Bing.

But the feature that raised the most eyebrows is the one that allows users to search their connections for strangers that fit certain specifications. Think OK Cupid on steroids. The benign example Zuckerberg shared with Wired was, "Friends of Priscilla and me who live around Palo Alto.” Sounds harmless enough. Of course, it doesn't take a huge leap of the imagination to think up much weirder, stalkier examples. Here are some of the worst (best?) Facebook search ideas, as shared on the place people go to talk about Facebook: Twitter.