Feb 1, 2013 · 1 minute

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience, and as our own Francisco Dao has laid out, it can also be a draining one. But for Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, it has been a defining one.

Even successful people have their own unique challenges, Amoruso told Sarah Lacy at PandoMonthly in Los Angeles tonight, adding that starting a company can be isolating. "There is no one that’s your peer," she said.

However, you can also turn such isolation to your advantage. If you're humble enough, curious enough, and easily bored enough, you can create a platform to learn about people and learn about the way the world works, said Amoruso. She should know. In August, she closed a $40 million venture round led by Index Ventures, even as the fashion ecommerce company entered its sixth year of existence, bootstrapping its way to the top.

For Amoruso, however, being a solitary entrepreneur beats being an cog in a bigger machine any day. "I’m really fortunate to be in this place where I can’t quit and I can’t be fired," she said. "I’m totally unemployable."

Amoruso went on to say that even though she has grown Nasty Gal to a point where it is a large company, she still feels like she has a lot left to accomplish. "Every day I see a new reason why the future is so exciting."

Running a business has given her the opportunity to play God and create a whole world with people she loves to work with. "It’s great, it’s stressful, but I think I’m addicted to it."

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