Mar 7, 2013 ยท 0 minutes

Collaborative consumption. The sharing economy. Using other people's stuff. Whatever you call it, the trend is taking hold across a number of industries, from transportation to travel to cooking.

But is the sharing economy all it's cracked up to be?

Airbnb's Brian Chesky, Etsy's Chad Dickerson, and AngelList's Naval Ravikant sure think so. Okay, so they might be a bit biased, but the three of them do more than cheerlead in the video below. They explain in easy-to-understand language how this trend came about, and the brave new world of collaborative consumption we may be headed toward. Whether you're a sharing shaman or completely new to the concept, watch our "Secrets of the Sharing Economy" to hear what the best and brightest in the field have to say:

[Editing and music by David Holmes]

[Top image courtesy wikimedia]