Mar 17, 2013 ยท 0 minutes

It's a widely-held view in the startup world that VCs should keep negative opinions on companies to themselves.

But former Square COO Keith Rabois was having none of that.

In response to a Techcrunch article about Foursquare having 40,000 API developers, Rabois, who is now a partner at Khosla Ventures, joked that these 40,000 developers made up its entire user base.

Business Insider has a good rundown of what transpired (although they initially confused Square and Foursquare, which would have made the story a lot more scandalous). But for us it raises the question: Should VCs publicly criticize companies? And if so, should they keep their attacks constructive?

For that, there's a whole other Twitter fight brewing:

And there you have it: Another one of life's great questions settled once and for all. Thanks Twitter!

[Image courtesy Techcrunch]