Apr 15, 2013 · 1 minute

Last week we asked our readers some questions about enterprise startups. Your response? A collection of smart, strong opinions that give hope to comment threads the world over.

Today we have some new prizes and some new questions for you. Netsuite is giving away tickets to its massive cloud computing event SuiteWorld 2013 in San Jose on May 13-16 (a $1,095 value). And because  not all of you reside in the Bay Area, we're also giving away tickets to some of our upcoming PandoMonthlys, including our May 9 event in Los Angeles with Shoedazzle's Brian Lee, our May 16 event in New York with Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon, and our May 23 event in San Francisco with Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers' John Doerr.

So the drill's the same as before: Send us the answers to the questions below either in the comments section, using this form, or on Twitter or Facebook. If we feature your response, you'll win tickets to an event in the city of your choice. Make sure you include an email address in your comment so we can reach out about the ticket. Or, if you don't feel comfortable including it below, email me at david@pandodaily.com with the subject line "Cloud Contest."

We look forward to hearing from you!

What companies are you most excited about in cloud computing?

Will cloud-based software ever fully replace on-premise software tools?

Are machines like the Google Chromebook, which prioritize cloud integration over hard drive space, the way of the future?

What are the biggest challenges facing cloud computing companies?

Do you have security concerns of putting all your data in the cloud?

How would you describe "cloud computing" to a layperson?