Apr 19, 2013 · 1 minute

We wanted to highlight a bit of Twitter drama that unfolded a few minutes ago. It all started when investor Vinod Khosla Tweeted this:

Now in case you didn't know, Khosla Ventures is an investor in Storify. Whether or not this constitutes a breach of ethics, or at least a breach of good taste, is up for debate. I will say that Khosla probably shouldn't have sent the same Tweet a few moments later only this time with hashtags for #bostonmarathon and #storify. (People, stop using hashtags for anything other than smaller-scale events and the occasional joke!) Nevertheless, you can at least see why someone might Tweet in response:

If you ask me, the answer is no. Khosla was not using the Boston bombing to shamelessly plug his portfolio companies. A lot of people unaffiliated with Storify (myself included) would agree with Khosla when he says Storify has been put to great use during this breaking news event and others before it. It's not as if an investor in Rovio Tweeted, "Wow, Angry Birds sure is helping take my mind off the #bostonmarathon bombing."

That said, Khosla's counter-response was not exactly... proportional:

Facts are facts? Okay, well technically it's your opinion, Vinod, not a fact. Assholes are assholes? That's a bit much. I understand that tensions are high, and I'd be pissed too if someone accused me of capitalizing on a tragedy for personal gain. But Khosla broke the first rule of Twitter (well, other than Tweeting a bunch of rumors and false allegations) which is, "Don't feed the trolls."