Apr 23, 2013 ยท 0 minutes

We know you love our PandoMonthly event series, but we also know it's a challenge to set aside anywhere from one to three hours to watch the full video. So in addition to making the audio available on iTunes to listen to on your commute, today we're launching yet another way to make it easier to enjoy this series: "PandoMonthly in 90 seconds."

Our inaugural video is a mashup of the best moments from last week's Fireside Chat with Forbes' Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin, hosted by Adam Penenberg. In the video below, DVorkin discusses why journalists shouldn't be afraid of advertisers, why journalists need to create their own brands, and why the business model for journalism is "broken, forever broken." DVorkin's way may not be the only way, but by sheer volume and pageviews at least, the Forbes model appears to be working.

[Editing and music by David Holmes]