May 10, 2013 · 1 minute

Brian Lee has co-founded a company that offers online legal document services, a company focused largely on women's footwear, and another company devoted to eco-friendly infant and family care products. Speaking tonight at our PandoMonthly Los Angeles event, Lee explained why he was the right person to (co-)found companies with such seemingly-disparate functions. The reason, according to Lee, is actually quite simple: Business is business.

"I don't see very large differences between LegalZoom, ShoeDazzle, or Honest. I really don't," Lee said in response to a question about his decision to start a shoe-selling ecommerce company. "Yes, there are differences, of course -- but every business is hard.  That's the honest truth." (Insert the Honest Co. pun of your choice here.)

Lee compared his experience building these startups to someone working in a pizza parlor, saying that that person is working day and night and striving to understand their customer just as much as Lee and his co-founders are. Business, as he said, is business.

"Whether I'm selling wills and divorces or I'm selling sexy women's shoes, I'm selling something," Lee said. "Basically, you have to understand your customer. You have to understand your metrics. You have to understand marketing, and it's just... the fundamentals are the same."

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