May 31, 2013 · 1 minute

[Video produced by Kym McNicholas and Michael Carney, filmed by Billy Ferguson, edited/scored by David Holmes]

Palm trees, beaches, Hollywood, and traffic. These are the things most people think of when they hear the letters "L-A."

But it's not all glamour and gridlock. Los Angeles is home to hundreds of hardworking startups, with more companies and accelerators popping up all the time. According to Built in LA's Digital Startup Report, 220 startups launched in Los Angeles last year, and the ecosystem as a whole raised $847 million during the year from 170 different VCs and angel investors.

But the LA ecosystem is still experiencing some growing pains. All three entrepreneurs we spoke to for our video guide to the Los Angeles' Startup Ecosystem agreed that finding late-stage capital South of Silicon Valley was one of the biggest challenges they face. And this isn't the first time the LA scene looked poised to blow up. How do we know this isn't another false start?

But as DocStoc CEO and LA veteran Jason Nazar told us (paraphrasing another one of the city's luminaries Brian Lee), "Capital is a function of success. As more and more companies have more success, in a region, more and more capital gravitates to it."

Judging by its recent growth spurts alone, LA is an ecosystem worth paying attention to. So sit back and enjoy our two-and-a-half minute LA startup mashup starring DogVacay* CEO/Cofounder Aaron Hirschhorn, Lettuce CEO Raad Mobrem, and DocStoc's Nazar. They explain how it's done in the City of Angels.

*[Disclosure: DogVacay has raised funds from Andreessen Horowitz and First Round Capital. Andreessen Horowitz partners Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon and First Round Capital partner Josh Kopelman are personal investors in PandoDaily.]