Jun 21, 2013 ยท 0 minutes

GitHub CEO Tom Preston-Werner took the stage for our latest PandoMonthly San Francisco event on Thursday, where he talked about his Midwestern background, the journey towards GitHub, and, perhaps most surprising of everything revealed last night, that he doesn't rely on caffeine to go on 16-hour coding binges. There also might have been some talk about why you shouldn't go into the tiling business, Preston-Werner's cats, and what goes into remodeling a house.

Moving beyond the domestic, Preston-Werner talked about how product development is like "chasing dragons," why GitHub took so damn long to raise venture capital, and why, once the company did decide to raise funds, it went for a whopping $100 million.

The full interview is available for streaming below. Our thanks to Andreessen Horowitz*, Braintree, and TriNet for sponsoring the event. The next PandoMonthly will be in New York with Betaworks' John Borthwick on July 3, and our next guest in San Francisco is Benchmark Capital's Bill Gurley.