Jul 19, 2013 · 1 minute

In 2010, 89 of the companies in California that got seed funding were founded by men. Only three percent had all-female founding teams. In the same year, less than one percent of the founders of Silicon Valley companies were black. And from 2009 to 2011, income for blacks living in Silicon Valley dropped by 18 percent, compared to a decrease of four percent nationally.

What is going wrong in Silicon Valley?

We asked that question a couple of weeks ago in our story about the growing rich-poor gap in the Bay Area, but today we dug into it even deeper with Code for America's Catherine Bracy on the PandoWeekly radio show. Bracy, who moved to San Francisco last year to set up the technology office for President Obama's re-election campaign, spoke about race, gender, and income inequality at the recent Personal Democracy Forum in New York. On this week's show, she discusses why the tech industry needs a more informed, and level-headed, dialogue about inequality, what can be done to close the gaps, and why arguments that more wealth creation will solve the problem are, in her words, "bullshit."

You can listen to the show at BlogTalkRadio, or just click Play on the player below. As usual, it's just 30 minutes, so you can listen to it while you cook dinner (hopefully asparagus).

On next week's show, a mystery guest (ie, someone we've yet to book) will be discussing Facebook's Platform six years on from its launch.

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