Sep 5, 2013 ยท 1 minute

Yesterday, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti posted a memo announcing that the company had reached a record traffic milestone of 85 million unique visitors in August. That's three-times growth in one year and eight-times growth in two years. Visitors are nice, but BuzzFeed also posted record profits, Peretti writes, a far cry from the zero-revenue days of four years ago.

But how does BuzzFeed's traffic compare to other popular websites? As you can see from this graph, BuzzFeed's traffic is closer to the tech giants like Twitter and Amazon than traditional news organizations. It's also dwarfed Craigslist and AOL, two of the companies that initially helped blow apart the media industry's business model.

As for whether or not BuzzFeed should try to be a platform or a publication? Judging by its traffic, at least, it's definitely looking more like a platform.

(We used US monthly unique counts calculated and estimated by Quantcast.)