Sep 25, 2013 · 1 minute

David Politis believes in Google's enterprise services. His company, BetterCloud, has been built around the assumption that Google Apps for Business will become the dominant enterprise software suite.

Now the company is announcing that it has raised another $6 million to expand its products, because Politis believes that Google Apps will become increasingly important to businesses that rely on other services, such as Zendesk and, to get shit done.

Politis describes Google Apps as the "foundational layer" for the cloud-based software stack. It's the first step towards using other cloud solutions -- how else would workers sign up for other services, if not for their corporate Gmail accounts?

BetterCloud's main product, FlashPanel, makes it easier to manage that foundational layer. Politis says that the service is used by over 20,000 organizations to manage 14 million users' Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar accounts. This funding round is meant to bring many of the same features to the services that many businesses use in addition to Google Apps, starting with Zendesk and, as mentioned above.

The company could have continued working on FlashPanel as a Google Apps-only service without raising more funding, Politis says. Or it could have tasked its engineers with developing the new features and let the Google Apps aspect linger while they did so. Instead of choosing between those two equally shitty options, Politis decided to raise this latest funding round and hire more people to continue BetterCloud's growth.

All of this hinges on Politis' belief that Google will eventually usurp Microsoft as a leading office-slash-enterprise service provider and become the foundational layer for a larger portion of the market's cloud services. Google has been making some advances in the enterprise market with both its business- and consumer-focused products, but it isn't an industry leader yet.

Politis has the conviction. Whether he'll be proven right or wrong now depends on Google's ability to snatch customers from Microsoft and other enterprise software-makers -- and BetterCloud's ability to deliver a tool that can use Google's products to make other cloud services easier to manage.

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