Sep 27, 2013 ยท 0 minutes

Ariel Diaz, the founder and CEO of Boundless, is taking a big lawsuit filed against his company in his stride. Publishers Pearson, Macmillan, and Cengage filed a copyright suit against the "textbook alternatives" startup early in its life. In the year and a half since, however, Boundless, which is backed by $10 million of venture money, has evolved its business and grown all of its core metrics, including number of users, subjects covered, and products, says Diaz.

Today, Diaz came on PandoWeekly to talk to me about how life goes on for Boundless despite the legal challenge, how he thinks the education system is teaching students all wrong, and why Boston isn't such a bad place for a consumer-facing startup like his, despite its reputation as an enterprise town. He also makes his case for why Boundless will succeed where other textbook companies, such as Kno, Inkling, and Chegg, have had to pivot or beat a retreat.

As ever, the show is a tight 30 minutes, so you can listen to it over your first beer of the weekend.