Dec 7, 2013 · 1 minute

It's been one month since Twitter's mega-IPO, and its stock price and market capitalization have held firm. The stock price is up slightly from $44.90 to $44.95, as is the market capitalization up from $24.46B to $24.48B

Not every tech IPO is so stable in its first 30 days. Groupon, Zillow, and LinkedIn all suffered big first-month dips in stock price, with LinkedIn dropping most dramatically from $94.25 to $65.63.

The company has since rebounded while Groupon has continued its free fall. This underscores the difficulty of predicting the success of a public company so early into its post-IPO life. Remember the day after Twitter's IPO when the company's stock price dropped 7 percent and lost $2 billion in market value? Some observers were already wagging their finger at the investors who bought shares, even though it only took 30 days for Twitter to regain that precious 7 percent chunk and more.

Of course, share price doesn't tell the whole story so we've also included a graph that illustrates the change in market cap for 9 big tech IPOs from opening day until now. On day one of its IPO, Twitter had a higher market cap than all the companies we compared on their first day of trading, except Facebook.