Dec 7, 2013 · 0 minutes

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo joined us on Thursday for the final PandoMonthly interview of 2013, where he discussed everything from the way he closes deals to the lack of conflict between his company's goals and the rights of its users.

The former comedian also discussed the things he learned at Google; why he doesn't believe that Twitter is the anti-Facebook; how the company fell victim to its own early success; the way he views Facebook's acquisition of Instagram; and his take on the appointment of Marjorie Scardino to the company's board of directors.

So concludes the PandoMonthly 2013 tour. It's taken us through three cities, dozens of guests, and somewhere near 100 hours of video. Now we're going to take a much-needed break and then do the entire thing again next year -- we'll see you there.


[Photo by Yelena Sophia for Pando]