Jan 31, 2014 · 0 minutes

"Bad Lip Reading" is one of the funniest viral franchises around (for the uninitiated, check out the Ron Paul one. It's the greatest).

VC/blogger Hunter Walk thought it was high time to bring the Bad Lip Reading treatment to bear on top entrepreneurs and investors. And while the official Bad Lip Reading gang didn't take it on, some enterprising voice actors at the location startup MeetBall stepped up to the plate, putting words in the mouths of Dick Costolo, Chris Sacca, Jack Dorsey, and many other top names in tech, including Walk himself. And we're flattered to see they used a number of PandoMonthly clips including Dennis CrowleyNaval Ravikant, and perhaps our favorite moment of the whole clip, Chris Dixon (check it out at 1:09)


This reminded the staff of one of our favorite PandoMonthly mashups, a video we cut together at the end of 2012 that collects every swear word uttered by one of our fireside chat guests. Let it inspire you to greatness: