Mar 24, 2014 · 0 minutes

StockTwits co-founder and chairman Howard Lindzon joined us in Santa Monica last Thursday to talk all things tech, social, and investment-related.

Lindzon talked about why technologies like Square and Bitcoin couldn't have existed without the financial crisis, how Bloomberg's nigh-ubiquitous terminals are threatened by social services like Twitter, and why vulture capitalist Carl Icahn picked the wrong fight when he decided to attack eBay's board in his quest to have PayPal spun off into a separate company.

And, as the co-founder of "the No. 1 social network for finance" and a managing partner at the Social Leverage angel investment firm, Lindzon also talked about his "key to investing." While doing so he called the news "a drug" and said that what "people have to learn when they invest is the news really doesn’t matter," even though he co-founded a media company.

The full interview is available for streaming below.


[Photo by Rebecca Aranda for Pandodaily]