May 13, 2014 · 0 minutes

Late last month, Pando received a legal threat from Marty "Mad Dog" Singer, an entertainment lawyer acting for New Jersey based Chatham Asset Management and the firm's principal, Anthony Melchiorre.

The letter came in response to a series of stories by David Sirota examining proposed contracts for the handling of New Jersey public pension funds. As we reported at the time, one of the firms mentioned in the series— Chatham Asset Management — threatened to sue Sirota, and Pando, over our investigation, even before we had published our story mentioning them.

In keeping with our policy of publishing all legal threats we receive, we shared Singer's letter here.

Today our attorney, Roger Myers -- whose many previous legal victories include successfully bringing Wikileaks back online after a Swiss bank attempted to shut it down -- sent Pando's formal response to the legal threat. That response is embedded in full below.

TL;DR version: We continue to stand by our reporting. Pando’s investigation into Governor Chris Christie’s use of New Jersey public pension money continues.

Letter to Marty Singer