Jun 12, 2014 · 1 minute


Yesterday we wrapped up our Southland tech/music/culture conference with a series of great interviews, startup demos, and a hell of a rock show. The day kicked off with an entertaining and enlightening fireside chat with Box CEO Aaron Levie, who's found himself in the news lately thanks to a planned IPO that ran into a bout of bad timing as the enterprise tech market continues to soften.

Levie spoke at length about the IPO (though he was forced to play some of his cards close to the chest to avoid violating SEC disclosure regulations). But that's not all he talked about: Among other bits of startup wisdom and hilarious jokes, Levie shared the backstory behind going head-to-head with billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ( “It was obviously scary that a billionaire was asking for his money back") and explained how the NSA revelations threaten not just privacy, but the global economy at large ("[The NSA] went after everything").

Oh, and always the charmer, Levie also enchanted the crowd with his magic skills. As Box's presumptive IPO roadshow looms, looks like Levie will have plenty of tricks up his sleeve -- and his nose.


[GIF by Tyler Winegarner]