Jun 20, 2014 · 1 minute

This week, Amazon released a phone. Like many other phones, it makes phone calls, sends texts, takes pictures, and accesses the Internet either through a browser or one of the many apps available for download from a large marketplace. The main thing that differentiates from other phones is that it's designed to make you buy as much shit off Amazon as possible, essentially using your device as a point-of-sale machine. But, I mean, it's not like this is the first phone that lets you buy things.

Oh and, according to PC Mag, it's not even waterproof.

But you know what is waterproof? This fucking Kindle.

That's right, waterproof books. Waterfi just took 3 million novels and rendered them readable in the ocean (down to 200 ft), in the bathtub, or a torrential downpour. Until now, most waterproof books were limited to children's books and erotica, so I'll go ahead and use that favorite word of the tech press and call this a "gamechanger." It's not "Humanity's Greatest Achievement" like Techcrunch says (I'm not sure the writer realizes waterproof electronics technology has been around for a while -- The Samsung S5 is water-proof/resistant too).

In terms of innovation, the aqua-Kindle (Note to Amazon: I'm registering that trademark) is a more important device than Amazon's Fire phone. But neither will change the world.

[photo via Waterfi]