Jul 8, 2014 · 1 minute

Calling all young viral wizards and traffic juicers -- there's a job opening at an exciting New York City organization with lots of tradition but that's looking to the future when it comes to content marketing: the NYPD.

According to a job listing on Mediabistro spotted by the New York Times' Karen Zraick, the New York Police Department is seeking a candidate with 5 years of PR or journalism experience and front-end web development chops to prepare web content, microsites, and goofy Photoshop memes. Oh and appropriately, all applicants will be subject to fingerprinting and a background investigation. Hunter S. Thompson types need not apply.

The NYPD has been trying to be more web-savvy for a few months now with mixed results. Last April, the Department's Twitter account hatched a social media campaign asking New Yorkers to tweet photos of themselves with its officers along with the hashtag #MyNYPD. The campaign predictably backfired with many users taking the opportunity to comment on police brutality:



If you're thinking of applying, allow me to suggest a few possible viral content ideas to submit:

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Which Cop Rock character are you?

[illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando/NSFWCORP]