Jul 31, 2014 · 2 minutes

So ManServants.

In case you're not tapped into the tech Twitter outrage cycle, ManServants is a new service that will deliver a handsome man to do your every bidding -- well, as long as it's "PG-rated" the site's cofounder tells Mashable. These aren't strippers or escorts, she assures. They are perfect gentlemen that will wait on you hand-and-foot -- no other appendages needed.

The site's notion of an ideal ManServant experience might involve, for example, a hot dude accompanying a bachelorette party, driving the guests around town, fending off unwanted attention from "douchebags," dealing with bouncers and bartenders, and snapping photos. Or, the ManServant could act as a personal assistant at work, fetching lunch and ink toner. Swoon. In any scenario, the ManServant is sworn to keep "his penis in his pants and out of the lady’s face.” Oh and they also address clients with "My lady" (assuming the client is a lady -- the service is also open to men) and will also always respond to requests with "As you wish" (well, as long as the request doesn't involve removing his member from his pants).

According to my informal poll of women I asked about ManServants, the service sounds fine, assuming the handsome man isn't also a terrible driver, drink mixer, and photographer. I suppose there are guys out there who are masters at every possible aspect of entertaining while also being devastatingly handsome, but I do wonder how easily this business can scale as it looks to hire more and more impossibly perfect dudes. Also, despite what the founders of ManServants say, not all women have an allergy to strippers.

As far as how men have reacted, there's certainly an element of exasperation on the order of, "My stars! If you reversed the genders, women would be so outraged!" It's the same reaction many men had to Lulu, the app that allowed women to rate men on a number of metrics, both sexual and personal. Considering there are already escorts services that offer things like "The Girlfriend Experience," I'm not sure such outrage applies here.

Honestly my only takeaway is that, apparently we live in a time when any half-baked idea, as long as it's somewhat controversial or counter-intuitive (is "disruptive" the word?), can be turned into a "company." All you need is a pretty Squarespace-esque splash page and a funny video advertising it. And despite all the meaningful innovation coming out of serious companies, few things say "Silicon Valley in 2014" to me more than ManServants.

[photo via ManServants]