Aug 13, 2014 · 2 minutes

Jason Hirschhorn's Media Redefined newsletter, which culls together the day's best digital media stories, has become a sort of daily gospel around tech circles. (If you're a regular or even occasional Pando reader, there's no reason not to sign up right now). Our editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy has repeatedly told us that the one metric she cares most about isn't pageviews or social shares, it's influence, which has quickly translated into appearing in the MediaREDEF newsletter – that's how consistently impressive its daily selections are. REDEF also recently launched a Fashion vertical -- not really my thing, but if it possesses even a fraction of the curatorial whizbang of the Media offering, I'm sure it's equally required reading for fashion-heads.

But today we see something completely different from REDEF -- original content. The brand has published a pseudonymously-written article called, "A REDEF ORIGINAL: If Video is Booming, Why are Revenues Evaporating?" Fittingly, it's as excellent a read as something REDEF would normally curate, breaking down the video and film landscape in stark terms almost anyone can understand.

The TL;DR of it? In video, there's more content, more eyeballs, and more time spent than ever before, and yet less revenue is generated no matter how you measure it, whether by licensing, advertising, or consumer purchasing. Among the more depressing statistics cited is the fact that "YouTube made only 83 cents for every hour of content watched in the United States last year."

The post raises many questions about the commoditization of video and the sustainability of the industry. But one other question came to mind while reading it -- since when did REDEF start publishing original material?

I caught up with Hirschhorn over email who tells me this is actually the fifth original piece REDEF has published from the same pseudonymous author -- you can read the others here, here, here, and here.

As for whether or not we can expect more of this in the future, Hirschhorn writes,

We are dabbling now, I only want to do pieces that are massive overviews. This isn’t a post-anything-for-traffic boondoggle. You won’t see any user contributed stuff like '7 Ways to Not Get Sued' and we won’t repost other stuff. Only interested in originals from us and our audience which are the leaders of media, tech, fashion, sports and other areas. Our FashionREDEF curator is now planning his first set of pieces on the collision of fashion, technology, culture and business.
From the way it sounds, REDEF will put out original content, but only if it's good enough to have been curated in the newsletter anyway. And that's sort of the point of the newsletter -- it doesn't matter who wrote it, as long as it makes for an excellent read.

[image adapted by Hallie Bateman]