Sep 3, 2014 ยท 0 minutes

Uber has asked a California judge to reject attempts by drivers to launch a class action suit over unpaid tips. The suit claims that passengers were tricked into believing that the mandatory gratuity added onto Uber rides went entirely to drivers. It doesn't.

The case has been wending its way through the courts for just over a year and Uber's latest gambit, according to Law360, is to argue that "there's no evidence the drivers relied on any of Uber's alleged misrepresentations."

Uber told U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen that the drivers' Unfair Competition Law claims fail because any misrepresentations Uber made about its automatic 20 percent gratuity were to potential passengers, not to the drivers.
In other words, the drivers have no case against Uber because it was passengers that Uber was lying to, not drivers.

Here's the initial legal filing...