Sep 12, 2014 · 0 minutes

During tonight's Pando Monthly with Whisper CEO Michael Heyward, the conversation quickly moved to cyberbullying.

Admitting "we're not infallible," Heyward rejected the argument that as a "platform," a social network or gossip app has no responsibility to police content. Specifically, he called Twitter's platform defense "bullshit."

"What happened with Robin Williams' daughter [on social media] was disgusting," he said. "The fact that it had to happen to Robin William's daughter for anyone to care is wrong. It shouldn't matter who it is."

After outlining the various steps Whisper takes to ban attacks based on named people, or responses that use offensive language, Heyward said: "We take this seriously. All you have to do is look at our actions. They speak for themselves."

As an example, Heyward cites Whisper's policy of referring anyone who posts a Whisper about suicide to the national suicide hotline. "We send them a message saying 'your Whisper has been heard'" he explained.