Sep 14, 2014 · 2 minutes

If you're a journalist, particularly a journalist on a deadline, you're likely familiar with Courthouse News Service (CNS).

Based in California, the ugly-yet-functional site provides coverage of the latest rulings in more than 2,000 courts across the US. While intended as a subscription-based tool for lawyers, it's also hugely useful for tech reporters who don't want to miss the latest class-action against Google, or the next state trying to ban Uber.

Dig a little deeper into Courthouse News, however, and things start to get a little loopy.

Mixed amongst stories like 5th Circuit Weighs Arguments on Texas Abortion Law Appeal and Title Insurer Owes $4.9M for Failure of Mortgages you'll find the occasional op-ed column by CNS columnists in which they share their Important Thoughts on the state of the world.

Generally, I ignore them. Today I couldn't.

"Sexual Perverts" screamed the headline by Robert Kahn, who, as far as I can tell, is the news editor of CNS.

Hard not to click on that one.

It begins...

  What the beheadings of three reporters in the Middle East prove, if they prove anything, is that the Muslim murderers who did it are sexual perverts.
Go on.
 I won't mention the organization's name, because that's what the little perverts want me to do. Sigmund Freud's complete works are available online. The Muslim perverts can read them there, if they can read. If their imam will let them.
Wait? Is this really written by the news editor at Courthouse News? The people who tell me about product recalls on fitness trackers?

Yes, it is.

The Muslim religion today is the most sexually perverted of our three so-called "great" monotheisms - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - though all of them are sexually perverted. Christian priests have the good grace to sexually molest children instead of killing them. Israel tortures and kills people and knocks their houses down. But Israel has the decency to try to hide its crimes. Muslims today brag about their perversions. They put their perversions and murder online.
Oh, good lord.

Any more?

   The New York Times published an editorial last week about the Muslim perverts. The Times didn't say it that way, of course. The Times said that Islam is "one of the world's great religions." I suppose that's true. But look at it. Look at all of them. There is nothing great about a religion whose members slaughter other people wholesale because of the way the believers think the other people think. Or ought to think. Or ought to be prohibited from thinking.
Ok, I think we're done here.

Oh, wait, what's that, Robert Kahn? You have one last thing to add?

Though to tell you the truth, as a heterosexual atheist Jew, I love Pope Francis.
Good to know. And good to look inside the brain of the guy who is telling our nation's lawyers what's important.


Update: CNS's chief editor has also just published a column about ISIS. In it, he takes time to suggest that "Asian folks learning to drive has been perhaps a sufficient threat to our relatively peaceful enclave in the lee of the San Gabriel mountains."