Sep 19, 2014 · 1 minute

I thought we'd already put this to bed, but apparently not. Speaking in a press conference today, New Jersey governor Chris Christie responded to the continuing scandal over his handling of New Jersey pension funds by adding yet another lie to his long, long record of untruths.

Asked once again about the scandal, he responded that David Sirota, the journalist who broke the story while at Pando, was fired for inaccuracy. He also called David a "discredited journalist" and a "hack."

As I've written before, but apparently need to do once again, David Sirota wasn't "fired" for anything. Rather he was laid off during our recent restructuring of our editorial team, allowing us to refocus on our core beat of holding to account the "new power" tech moguls and companies taking over the world. David was quickly snapped up by IBT which continues to publish his excellent investigations into financial corruption in all its forms.

As Christie is well aware, not only does Pando stand by David's reporting but we continue to cover any legal expenses he incurs as a result of Christie's cronies threatening to sue over our coverage. To date, despite attempts to silence us with threats of multi-hundred-million dollar lawsuits, no such suit has been filed.

The only person who is discredited here, Governor, is you.

Here's the video. The lies start around 1:20...