Sep 24, 2014 · 1 minute

It can be hard to resist the urge to purchase whatever "magical" new product Apple has just announced, especially when it's so different from the product that came before it. Just look at the new iPhones! Remember what it was like when the iPad went from being a slightly-bulgy tablet to a svelte pane of touch-sensitive glass? Of course we have to buy those things today!

But some people are learning once again that buying a new Apple product right after its release isn't always the best idea, with at least a few people reporting that the iPhone 6 Plus will bend if too much strain is placed on it while it's resting in someone's front or back pocket. (Let's ignore the fact that leaving a phone in your back pocket while sitting is clearly a Dumb Thing To Do.)

Those people are right to be upset. Nobody wants to spend between $300 and $749 on a phone just to have it bend in your pocket like a technological Air-Head. But they really shouldn't be surprised that Apple isn't making the iPhone 6 Plus as well as it could be, given its track record.

Apple devices sold near their launch date have often had problems. The iPad 2 had light leak problems and visible "yellowing" of the display for months after its launch because the glue used to keep the whole thing together didn't have the chance to properly dry. The white iPhone 4 had similar problems thought to be caused by the white paint and the almost-all-glass phone. That problem still wasn't fixed when Apple released the white iPhone 5 just over two years ago.

At this point it's clear that dealing with some manufacturing issues is the price consumers have to pay for getting the latest-and-greatest Apple product. Nobody has any right to be surprised when the device they opened the weekend it was released has some flaw that will probably be fixed as soon as Apple isn't rushing to meet yet another record-breaking number of pre-orders.

Honestly, it's amazing that Apple can launch so many devices in time to reach at least 10 million people worldwide while continuing to make a profit and keep the assembly lines running for the demand it expects to encounter for the next year.

That iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket is a miracle. It just happens to be a bendy one.