Oct 2, 2014 · 2 minutes

It's always slightly embarrassing to be scooped on your own news. But, yes, as Betabeat first reported here, we're launching a brand new weekly call-in radio show: PandoLIVE.

Hosted by Sarah Lacy and me, the format of the hour-long show will be familiar to anyone who remembers the old NSFWLIVE show: Listener calls, intense arguments, occasional bursts of Taylor Swift and -- fair warning -- the kind of uncensored discussion that means you'll probably want to use headphones if you're listening at work.

Here's what Betabeat had to say:

Tech podcasts are nightmarishly boring. Most either lifelessly emulate glossy, Ira Glass-style documentary segments or simply broadcast 45 minute dialogues between founders and investors while they safely rehash the week’s think-pieces. For only a couple of years, Paul Carr’s NSFWLive offered a respite — an unpolished daily call-in show where the editorial brigands of the now-defunct NSFWCORP would rant about the day’s news slog.

Fans rejoice: NSFWLive is coming back under a new banner, with new studios and a little spending money. The show will come back as “PandoLIVE,” and Mr. Carr told Betabeat it will merge “NSFW ethos with Pando professionalism and sustainability.” Mr. Carr will cohost the new show weekly with longtime bestie and more crowd-friendly counterpart Sarah Lacy, the founder and editor-in-chief of PandoDaily. Each week, we'll post a list of topics we're planning to discuss, along with a link for you to suggest topics we've missed. The foundation of each show will be the stories we've covered on Pando during the previous week, but the great thing about a call-in show is that Sarah and I will lose control of the agenda very quickly. Whatever you want to talk about is fine with us.

The other great thing about a call-in show is that I control the button that cuts you off if you're a dick. Then we get to joke about you for the rest of the hour. Call-in shows are fun!

Episode one starts at 5pm pacific (8pm Eastern, 2am London, 3am most of Europe) next Monday, 6th October.

We'll share the first running order and a link to the Listen Live page in a couple of days. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the iTunes podcast edition here (don't be confused by the Pando-NSFWCORP branding -- we're using the same feed so former listeners don't have to re-subscribe).

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank our sponsors, Rackspace, for supporting the show and letting us use their studio. Please feel free to thank them yourself by signing up for some hosting or hugging Robert Scoble or whatever.


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