Oct 4, 2014 · 1 minute

Earlier this week, we announced the imminent arrival of PandoLIVE, our new call-in show, hosted by me and Sarah Lacy.

The first episode starts at 5pm (Pacific) on Monday, live from the Rackspace studio in downtown San Francisco (Rackspace is sponsoring the show, and letting us use their studio space). You'll be able to listen live right here, and a few hours later we'll make the entire show available through iTunes.

Really, though, you should listen live: the bulk of the show will be driven by calls, tweets and emails from Pando readers -- whatever you want us to talk about is what we'll talk about, and I for one am relishing the idea of discussing and debating the week's news with you all. I've always believed that, unlike comments sections which have become the domain of cowards and trolls, live conversation brings out the best of people: Even fierce disagreements tend to remain more civil and honest when you're talking to a real person in real time.

To kick things off, Sarah and I have picked a couple of topics we know we want to talk about. If you have anything to say about these, you should certainly be ready to call in on Monday afternoon...

- Tech's "asshole" problem (Uber, Secret and the rest...) - What the hell is happening with the Vegas Downtown Project

...But those are just the starting points. If there's anything you'd like us to add to the agenda, tweet your suggestions to @pandodaily or leave them in the comments.


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