Oct 20, 2014 · 0 minutes

Tonight at 5pm, Sarah and I will be LIVE in the studio for another episode of our PandoLIVE call-in show. Most of tonight's show will be given over to calls and discussion on Whisper's user privacy scandal, and the absolutely godawful response by some tech investors, execs and even "journalists."

The question: Should business concerns trump public interest journalism?

The obvious answer: No.

Unfortunately what's obvious to us apparently isn't obvious to a large part of the tech industry. And so tonight we'll be debating the subject live on air.

If you've ever considered calling in to the show, this is the night to do it. Especially if you  want to speak up in Whisper's defense. As always, everyone will be given a fair hearing and -- you never know -- you might even change our minds.

The call in number is 877-959-6739 or email studio@pandodaily.com if you'd prefer to set up a Skype call. We'll also be reading our listener tweets (@pandodaily) and playing all kinds of weird music. The fun starts at 5pm Pacific and you can listen live here.