Oct 24, 2014 · 1 minute

Speaking on stage at tonight's PandoMonthly, Aneel Bhusri explained what it was like when Larry Ellison "went off" on Workday at the 2012 AllThingsD conference just before Workday's IPO.

Here's his response, as reported by the WSJ:

Larry: It’s going to be very interesting to monitor Workday. We monitor Workday, and we beat Workday all the time. Workday doesn’t use a database. They use Flash as a user interface, so they can’t run on iPhones or iPads. Whenever we’re in a head-to-head with Workday, we almost always win, and that’s before we’re fully launched. (He’s really hating on Workday. Interesting.) Salesforce uses a really good database. They use Oracle. And great middleware. They use Oracle.
So, how did Bhusri feel?
I was caught by surprise because he said he was a nice guy and then the minute the workday topic opened up he did go off on it, but  very quickly I wateched the reaction of the crowd and thought 'man, this is free press for us... Investors... pr... audience everyone.' In enterprise it's hard to build a brand... Larry Ellison has built a great brand and when he goes off on a company the audience reaction was 'doth protest too much.'
[Photo by JJ Casas]