Oct 26, 2014 ยท 0 minutes

In a moment of carelessness while watching TV last night, I failed to hit the TiVo's fast forward button quickly enough and ended up watching a campaign ad for a Neel Kashkari, a challenger to California Governor Jerry Brown.

Thank God I did.

As a tech-friendly candidate, Mr Kashkari has a lot going for him: As this gushing Wall Street Journal profile tells us, he previously worked as a Goldman Sachs banker, specializing in researching technology companies. He's also attacked Brown's pet high speed rail project, calling it "70s technology" and saying the money would be better used on local mass-transit and light rail.

Still that's not why Californian voters should be excited about Neel Kashkari. They should be excited because, unlike other candidates, Kashkari promises in his campaign ad that, while he might drown a child, he will never actually challenge one to a physical fight.

"I'll fight for kids, not against them."

Here's the full ad, featuring Kashkari rescuing a drowning child (who presumably he threw in the pool in the first place)...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEZFdmwqG3Q&w=560&h=315]

Your move, Jerry Brown!