Oct 29, 2014 · 2 minutes

For the past month or so, Pando's "What's In A Name?" series has been examining the importance of choosing the right name for your startup or product.

You might think, then, that we'd have taken some of our own advice.

For example, before deciding to name our new call-in show PandoLIVE you might think we'd check that there wasn't already something using that same name. Certainly we wouldn't plan an entire radio show, find a sponsor and create all kinds of visual branding without checking that, say, the PandoLIVE twitter handle was actually available.

And yet.

As it turns out, the @PandoLIVE Twitter handle is owned by someone else: A St Louis, Missouri mediterranean restaurant called Pan D'Olive. I wish I were joking.

With three and a half stars on Urban Spoon, Pan D'Olive certainly seems like a solid local eatery. Although the St Louis Riverfront Times warns that "Pan D'Olive Bustles, But It's Not Worth the Bread"

Pan D'Olive opened in November in the city's Franz Park neighborhood. The building was previously home to Mihalis Chophouse, a spacious and swanky steak house and lounge that closed in 2010 after a run of not quite five years. The layout is essentially the same. You enter into the bar area: the bar itself and hightop tables to your left; to your right, tables and a dramatic mezzanine lounge. The dining room is in the back. There are the usual freestanding tables, but you'll want to sit in one of the secluded booths.
If you live anywhere near St Louis, I'd love to know more about our show's accidental namesake. Is it worth the bread? Should we come to St Louis and do a special edition of the show from one of the restaurant's famous secluded booths?

Also: If anyone from Pan D'Olive is reading this: I'm sorry for all the weird tweets you're likely to get in the coming weeks from people complaining about coverage of Uber or Pierre Omidyar. Also, as we're slowly creeping up the first page of Google results  for Pandoolive, I promise to forward on any emails we get asking about this week's specials.

Lesson learned: No matter how unique you think your proposed product name is -- at least do a damn Google search before committing to it.

[Editor's note: This article is part of Pando's "What's In A Name?" series in which we look at the stories behind how some of tech's biggest companies got their names. The series is sponsored by Braintree, so you'll only see their ads around "What's In A Name?" pieces. But the series was conceived, commissioned and edited entirely by Pando. Braintree had no input whatsoever in the editorial. For more on our policy towards single sponsor series like this one, see here.]


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