Nov 6, 2014 · 0 minutes

A New York judge has set January 2016 as the "reasonable but aggressive" date for the first trial over wrongful death and injuries caused by GM's defective ignition switches.

According to Autonews:

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman in the Southern District of New York on Thursday chose the date for the bellwether -- or test trial -- during a court hearing in the litigation, which consists of approximately 130 lawsuits so far against the company. The cases include claims for personal injury and wrongful death, as well as lost vehicle value stemming from the recalls.

The first trial will involve a personal injury or wrongful death case that will be selected in the coming months, Furman said. The court has also published a complete list of all of the injury and death cases currently pending against GM, embedded below.

For in-depth background on the litigation, read Adam Penenberg's story "GM’s hit and run: How a lawyer, mechanic, and engineer blew open the worst auto scandal in history"