Dec 7, 2014 ยท 0 minutes

Following reports yesterday that an Uber driver in south Delhi had been accused of rape, Reuters' is reporting that Delhi police intend to take legal action against the company.

[Madhur Verma, deputy commissioner with the Delhi police] said the police would take legal action against Uber for violations including a failure to check whether the driver, named as Shiv Kumar Yadav, had a clean police record and the lack of a satellite location device in his car.

"Every violation by Uber will be evaluated and we will go for legal recourse," said Verma, saying police would take legal advice before opting to press a criminal or civil case. As Pando reported earlier this year, Uber had previously failed to do adequate background checks on its US drivers, resulting in at least one driver being allowed to drive, despite having served prison time for a felony. The driver was later accused of assaulting a passenger in a racially-motivated attack.