Dec 12, 2014 · 1 minute

Kevin Montgomery has left Gawker's tech gossip site, Valleywag, he confirmed to me earlier this afternoon.

SF-based Montgomery was the last remaining writer at the site, following the departure of Nitasha Tiku, who left to join the Verge, and Sam Biddle, who has been reassigned to other duties at Gawker.

Confirmation of Montgomery's departure comes days after Gawker founder Nick Denton confirmed that Biddle had cost Gawker at least a million dollars in advertising revenue through tweets responding to Gamergate trolls. It also comes after Gawker announced the hiring of Dan Lyons, who made his name as "Fake Steve Jobs" before quitting journalism to work as a "marketing fellow" for startup Hubspot. He recently authored a book advising brands on how best to present their press announcements as news, and gives speeches on the same topic:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.57.31 PM

The loss of Tiku and Montgomery in particular, and the hiring of Lyons, seems to mark a giant leap backwards for Valleywag, which had been criticized for its string of male, white editors and for not having a single correspondent in Silicon Valley. Lyons is based in Boston, explaining to Re/Code that "the risk of being in the Valley is you get co-opted by the people there, and it’s hard to be critical, because you like the people. "

In that same Re/Code interview, Lyons said he would be working with Montgomery and that his primary contact at Gawker was Editorial Director Joel Johnson. Shortly after that interview, Johnson was fired from Gawker.

In 2013, Lyons tweeted that "multiple sources" had told him Pando had burned through $4m in venture funding and was about to go out of business. At the time, Pando had not raised $4m in venture funding. We remain very much in business.